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Course registration is done online in early August for Fall term and in early to mid January for Spring term. Students will be assigned with a random number that determines the registration timeslots. At an appropriate time, students will be informed by email to look up the registration time and random number, the class schedule, the course description and other necessary information on the "Course Registration" section of the Academic Records and Registration Office.

Students need to use the network account and password to get access of the Student Intranet. A network account will be created for students to facilitate the course registration. Details will also be informed by email.?

If students miss the pre-determined timeslots to do the course registration, they can register the courses in the Add/Drop period which falls in the first two weeks of each term.

Minimum credit per term is 12 and maximum credit load is 18. Students are not encouraged to have either deficit or excessive credit load. A very special approval, however, will be granted on a case by case basis upon students' arrival at HKUST and with a detailed consultation with the UG coordinators or exchange advisors of respective departments.

Students are allowed to register courses across disciplines and enroll in postgraduate courses but the decision purely rests on the course instructors.