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Academic Units - Division of Life Science
Head: Prof. Karl Herrup (
The Division of Life Science is established through the reorganization of former Departments of Biochemistry and Biology. The mission of the Division is to establish and sustain a reputable academic program in life science by achieving excellence in research and education, and by making significant contributions to biotechnological innovations in regional and international arenas. We strive to provide an ideal environment for student learning and for tackling the challenges in modern life science. The Division offers broad and comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs, aimed at stimulating students’ interest in the study of life science subjects, engaging in scientific endeavors, and contributing to the global scientific community.
At a Glance (as of Oct 2016)
Number of Faculty Members: 37
Number of Undergraduate Students: 540
Number of Postgraduate Students: 198
Academic Programs
Undergraduate (4-year program):
  BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
BSc in Biological Science
BSc in Biotechnology
  MSc in Biotechnology
PhD in Biology

MPhil / PhD in Life Science
Research Interests
1 Cellular Regulation and Signaling
2 Cancer Biology
3 Developmental Biology
4 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
5 Macromolecular Structure and Function
6 Marine and Environmental Science
7 Biotechnology and Medicinal Biochemistry
Division of Life Science

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