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About the School - Message from the Dean
Welcome to the School of Science at HKUST!

As the Dean I’m honored for the opportunity to lead this elite school. I encourage you to browse through our website to discover what the School of Science offers. We have highlighted our exceptional academic departments, distinguished faculty, challenging yet inspiring academic programs, achievements in cutting-edge research and development, and state-of-the-art research facilities.

At the School of Science, we promote a vibrant and dynamic environment that emphasizes academic excellence, scholarship, innovation, and collaboration. Comprised of one division and three departments in life science, chemistry, mathematics and physics, the School offers a wide spectrum of programs and opportunities in these four core disciplines. The School is also home to the interdisciplinary Environmental Science Program.

The School is committed to providing our students with a high quality balanced education in an intellectually stimulating environment. To enhance our students' university experience we continue to improve our curriculum to make it more diverse, interdisciplinary and inquiry-driven. Aside from the traditional degree programs in the core disciplines, several innovative bachelor degree programs have been created to meet the demands of ever-changing societal needs. They include Mathematics and Economics (MAEC), Biotechnology and Business (BIBU), Environmental Science, and Data Science (to be launched soon). For postgraduate research and education, our goal is to ensure our students receive exposure and hands-on training in innovative, cutting-edge methodologies and technologies. Our programs emphasizes flexibility and creativity, and it is structured to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become inspirational leaders and independent thinkers. Many of our students have continued their journeys beyond HKUST to make major impacts on society.

High quality education requires dedicated educators. The School of Science has recruited outstanding faculty members, many of whom are leaders in their research fields and have already attained international stature in recognition of their scientific contributions. With their different backgrounds and research interests, they bring diverse, interdisciplinary perspectives to address the fundamental questions in science. With a strong commitment to both teaching and research, they instill in our students the importance of scientific rigour and ethics, while as mentors they serve to inspire and encourage our students to achieve their full potential.

Our faculty's passion for science and commitment to research and academic excellence have also helped to raise the School’s research profile such that it is on a par with major research institutions globally. Their accomplishments continue to push the boundaries of innovation, in keeping with the School's aims of pursuing cutting-edge research, making new discoveries, and establishing new research paradigms. In addition, by working collaboratively and synergistically with other leading institutions on a global scale, we aim to amplify the contributions we can make to science.

The School's commitment to quality and excellence remains as strong as ever. The School’s past successes have established an excellent foundation enabling us to move forward and to embrace change. I hope you will join us as we continue to advance the frontiers of research and education, while strengthening our ties with both the local community and institutions around the world.

Yang Wang
Dean of Science

Message from the Dean

School of Science | Striving to be the LEADING School of Science in Asia l Life Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics