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New students often have difficulty adjusting to the university environment. This problem will be more serious for students enroll in 4-year degree programs. They will be admitted to the School rather than individual programs, and will have at least one year to explore available programs before selecting their major.  The 4-year Science curriculum provides students with increased flexibility in learning and diverse academic options such as double major and other major-minor combinations. To assist science students in pursuing their goals and developing plans to achieve them, the Office of Academic Advising and Support was established in the School to provide them with general orientation to the university, initial advice on course selection and consultation on the choice of major. The Office consists of a Director who is also a faculty member, Student Advising Officers, and departmental Faculty Advisers. Together with Peer Mentors, the team collectively provides guidance to students on academic-related issues.

In particular we will assist students by
  1. Providing accurate and relevant information about academic programs and other educational experiences available to them.
  2. Providing one-to-one advisement on the choice of major and possible double major/major-minor combination to suit their interests, abilities and goals.
  3. Helping them intrepret university regulations, graduation requirements, and institutional policies and procedures.
  4. Enhancing their awareness of available educational resources on campus (such as internship, mentorship, undergraduate research and exchange programs).
  5. Encouraging use of institutional and community services in support of academic success.


Prof. Pak Wo LEUNG

Miss Tina KO
Student Advising Manager

Miss Hermia Lee
Student Advising Officer


Center of Student Advising and Support

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