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        Enrichment Programs – Science for Success
Endeavor to develop science competency
  - Educate our students to be scientifically competent with the potential to engage in activities demanding scientific thinking, analysis and task execution
Nurture our students to become scientists who can generate cutting edge knowledge for the betterment of mankind
A commitment to society
Educate our students to be scientifically competent in their future professions including research and development, education, manufacturing, logistics, and business and finance
  - Raise the overall scientific literacy of the general public
Intended learning outcomes of science students
  Produce science graduates with the following qualities:
  - Knowledge of their field
  - Able to make informed and independent judgments
Able to use quantitative reasoning methods and experimental and IT skills in executing tasks
  - Interpersonal skills and leadership
  - Can communicate appropriately in oral and written English and Chinese (including Putonghua)
  - Able to self-reflect and develop strategies for continued self-development
  - Apply ethical practices and citizenship towards the environment and the community
  - Appreciate science and its interface with human activities, and arouse people's interest in the beauty, logic and precision of science
  - Have an international outlook
For details about the "Intended Learning Outcomes" of Science Students, please click here:
Educational Goals

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