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Research - Interdisciplinary Collaboration
To foster an environment that encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research collaborations, the School has identified a number of areas where it can better leverage and integrate its strengths.
•  Super-resolution (SR) Imaging

SR imaging capability is crucial for HKUST’s competitiveness and its position at the forefront of biophysical and biomedical research. The building of this capability will allow the formation of a platform for collaborations among Life Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering researchers. To this end, the School of Science and the Institute for Advanced Study have initiated this interdisciplinary project to develop and advance this cutting-edge SR technology (“STORM” - Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) at HKUST.
The School promotes and sustains interdisciplinary activities and collaborations with other units, such as the Division of Environment and the Division of Biomedical Engineering
In addition, the School forges close ties with the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at HKUST to
Co-organize scientific programs
  - IAS Distinguished Lecture
  - Joint seminars/workshops, regular and special courses, and collaborative research
Recruit Postdoctoral Fellows, Senior and Junior Fellows
Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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