Prof. CHAN Kwing-lam recently achieved breakthrough in analyzing the data obtained from China’s first lunar probe, Chang’e-1. He was invited by China National Space Administration (CNSA) to join the first Chinese lunar satellite research in 2007. The analysis result will be published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters and Prof. CHAN is the first Hong Kong scholar to publish Chang’e-1 data analysis results in an international journal.


In Hong Kong, including Prof. CHAN’s research team, there are four groups taking part in Chang’e-1 data analysis research. Chang’e-1 achieved the first 3-D lunar imaging in the world and used microwave to measure the thickness of lunar regolith. From the microwave data, Prof. CHAN found that there were microwave “black spots” spread over the lunar regolith, with great temperate difference between day and night. Read More... 


Prof. CHAN Kwing-lam from the Department of Mathematics 
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