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Research - Research Units
The world-class research conducted in the School is supported by the work of our research units. Well-equipped with the latest technologies, these  units enable our faculty to stay at the forefront of their fields. Key research units in the School include:
State Key Laboratory:
State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience
  Director: Prof. Nancy Ip (Life Science)
Biotechnology Research Institute
  Director: Prof. Yung Hou Wong (Life Science)
Associate Director: Prof. Zhenguo Wu (Life Science)
William Mong Institute of Nano Science and Technology
  Director: Prof. Ho Bun Chan (Physics)
Center for Cancer Research
  Director: Prof. Randy Y.C. Poon (Life Science)
Associate Director: Prof. Chun Liang (Life Science)
Center for Chinese Medicine R&D
  Director: Prof. Karl W.K. Tsim (Life Science)
Associate Director: Prof. Robert K.M. Ko (Life Science)
Center for Fundamental Physics
  Director : Prof. George Smoot (IAS/Physics)
Center for Metamaterials Research
  Director:  Prof. Che Ting Chan (Physics)
Center for Scientific Computation
  Director: Prof Xiao Ping Wang (Mathematics)
Center for Space Science Research
  Director: Prof Kwing Lam Chan (Mathematics)
Associate Director: Prof Kun Xu (Mathematics)
Center for Statistical Science
  Acting Director: Prof. Bing Yi Jing (Mathematics)
Center for Stem Cell Research
  Co-Directors : Prof. Nancy Ip (Life Science) and Prof. Zhenguo Wu (Life Science)
Center of Systems Biology and Human Health
  Director: Prof. Mingjie Zhang (Life Science)
Molecular Neuroscience Center
  Co-Directors: Prof. Nancy Ip (Life Science) and Prof. Yung Hou Wong (Life Science)
SSCI-IAS Super-Resolution Imaging Center
  Director : Prof. Karl Herrup (Life Science)
Biosciences Central Research Facility (BioCRF)
  Director: Prof. Randy Y.C. Poon (Life Science)
Ocean Research Facility (OCRF)
  Director: Prof. Jianping Gan (Ocean Science)
Glassblowing Facility
  Director: Prof. Wa-hung Leung (Chemistry)
Materials Characterization & Preparation Facility (MCPF)
  Director: Prof. Ho Bun Chan (Physics)
Associate Director: Prof. Zhiyong Fan (Electronic & Computer Engineering)
Associate Director: Prof. Henry He Yan (Chemistry)
Sino-German Nano-Analytical Laboratory (SiGNAL)
  Director: Prof. Reinhard Renneberg (Chemistry)
Research Units

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