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4-year Curriculum
Program Overview
Why choose the science program at HKUST
Admission Requirements
Why choose the science program at HKUST
Outstanding Undergraduate Education

A vibrant learning environment with particular emphasis on grit and creativity
A dynamic curriculum reflecting the latest technological advancements and scientific developments
Eminent professors with high international recognition for scientific contributions
Strong academic units: Chemistry, Life Science, Mathematics, Physics and Environmental Science
International research opportunities for elite students: International Research Enrichment (IRE)
Emphasis on well-rounded personal development with tailor-made enrichment opportunities for Science students: Mentorship, Internship, Exchange, Research Opportunities and Social Services, etc.


Groundbreaking Research
Research discoveries in neuroscience, polymer chemistry, aggregation-induced emission (AIE), light-emitting materials, nanotechnology, acoustic/elastic metamaterials, protein structure and function, molecular basis of brain diseases and genome-mining based bioactive compound discovery, etc.
Exploration into contemporary research areas in science: Particle Theory and Cosmology, Super-resolution Imaging in Biophysics, Computational Science, Representation Theory, etc.
World Rankings

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018
No.23 in World’s Top 500 Universities in Chemistry
(No.1 in Hong Kong)
No.22 in World’s Top 300 Universities in Materials Sciences
(No.1 in Hong Kong)
No.48 in World’s Top 400 Universities in Natural Sciences
(No.2 in Hong Kong)
No.41 in World’s Top 400 Universities in Mathematics 
QS Asian University Rankings 2015
No. 14 in Asian’s Top 100 Universities in Natural Science
(No.2 in Hong Kong)
No. 15 in Asian’s Top 100 Universities in Life Sciences and Medicine
World-class Research Facilities
State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience
Hong Kong Branch of Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Tissue Restoration and Reconstruction
Biotechnology Research Institute
William Mong Institute of Nano Science and Technology
Joint KAUST-HKUST Micro/Nanofluidics Laboratory
GSK R&D China-HKUST Neuroscience Laboratory
Sino-German Nano-Analytical Laboratory
Coastal Marine Laboratory
Center for Cancer Research
Center for Chinese Medicine R&D
Center for Fundamental Physics
Center for Metamaterials Research
Center for Quantum Materials
Center for Scientific Computation
Center for Space Science Research
Center for Statistical Science
Center for Stem Cell Research
Center for Systems Biology and Human Health
Molecular Neuroscience Center
SSCI-IAS Super-resolution Imaging Center
What did our current students and Alumni say?

Current Student Sharing (2018-2019)
Studying in HKUST allows me to obtain the latest information in many research fields from experts all around the world. My major in Biotechnology gives me the chance to find out the demand for healthcare products by visiting different groups of society. By applying what we learnt, for example the characteristics of different bacteria, we can make our own products through trial and error. What’s even more exciting is the co-curricular activities that I have participated in. Throughout these years, I have joined various programs held by HKUST. The most remarkable one is the exchange program during Year 3’s fall semester, in which I have been staying in the US for half a year. By interacting with the students in US, you will realize how amazing this world can be. Such experience does not only widen your vision, but also goes far beyond your imagination. Besides, being an executive committee member of a society, joining leadership and volunteers program, speaking in front of 400 people as a student ambassador, living in a student residence hall, running on the fields in a sunny day as a sport team member -- all of these should be on the “must-do list” for every university student. Of course, they are not everything; there is so much more left for you to discover. Hope to see you soon at HKUST.

Raymondo TANG
Year 4, Biotechnology

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  The Biotechnology and Business program has provided me with exposure to a holistic learning experience that combines both biotechnology technical knowledge and business soft skills. In the program, I have been engaged in seminars and outreach activities, which provided me with relevant industry knowledge and insights on current trends in biotechnology. On top of academic studies, the staffs in SCI/HOME are very supportive in giving advice in personal development and career planning. Through a variety of learning trip and social service opportunities, I have been able to be exposed to what is happening in society, reflect on myself and gain insights on resolving social problems. I am really glad to learn and grow under an environment where I am able to position myself, find my life values and pursue all-rounded personal development.

Victor WONG
Year 3, Biotechnology and Business
Majoring in Chemistry is like exploring the realm beyond our sight as we get to learn the mechanisms beneath physical matter. I personally enjoyed performing experiments and visiting advanced labs. I love that professors, TA and staff are always passionate and helpful to guide us through when we have struggles. University life is always more than its academics. School of Science has not only provided me platforms to meet friends from other countries, but also job opportunities to develop skills and learn about myself. I am proud to say I have grown a lot with the aid from UST.

Hercules LEUNG
Year 4, Chemistry
  As a person who is passionate about physics, learning physics at HKUST is very enjoyable. In HKUST, I meet a lot of talented schoolmates and seniors who have a strong passion for scientific research. It is very inspiring to discuss academics and career paths with them. I have participated in the UROP, which provides me a taste of doing research. The guided research courses for IRE students also provide me a vulnerable opportunity to know more about the professors and their research interests. Apart from studying, I also join different extra-curriculum activities. For example, I was a peer mentor of School of Science last year. In this program, I met some funny group members and mentees that improve my soft skills and expand my social network.

Weijun YUAN
Year 3, Physics (IRE)
After one-year of exploration of various science subjects, I chose Mathematics & Economics as my major and started the research with my supervisor through Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). With both quantitative and analytical skills as well as business background, my major equips me well for further postgraduate study.

Except for the all-rounded academic training, there are numerous activities such as CEOs talks, career advising and trainings from both School of Science and School of Business. I participated in the MenTernship and HeadStart Program and was eventually given an Internship in Shanghai last summer. Moreover, the School of Science offers plenty of enrichment opportunities. I get more familiarize with the actual world and my passion for conducting further research on development economics is aroused through joining the SCI/NUCLEUS Social Service Team.

Last year, I was offered an Exchange Program at University of California, Berkeley and it allowed me to exchange ideas with top scholars and students. It was amazing! The School of Science definitely provides us with a platform to explore the world! Keep open-minded and passionate, grab the chance and enjoy your study and life!

LI Siqi
YEAR 4, Mathematics and Economics
  It is a really fabulous experience. Studying in HKUST provides a unique environment to concentrate and relax. When I face problems, sitting near the seafront can always give me a sign of relief.

To be concise, studying mathematics in HKUST is a good place because of Maths Support Center (MSC). I always go to MSC to ask questions and they will explain in detail, which helps me to consolidate my knowledge.

It is not only about studying. Frankly, there are ranges of different activities. Particularly, I enjoy going exchange. Either HKUST or School of Science from HKUST will provide different opportunities to exchange. No matter choosing the same academic field or not, I can learn sometime new from others. And mostly, it gives me a chance to get used to independence. Therefore, I am looking forward to my exchange in this summer. It will be an unforgettable experience in my lifetime.

NG Chun Lok
YEAR 4, Mathematics
Studying Physics in the International Research Enrichment (IRE) program, I am particularly fascinated by high-energy physics and hope to do scientific research in this field. The IRE program serves as a hub for research-minded students in the School of Science, where we are given guidance and resources to explore our interests. For example, the IRE-specific “Guided Study on Research” courses let us examine various topics in real-world research under the direct supervision of professors. Moreover, the school-sponsored overseas summer research is especially rewarding, as we get to immerse in the academic culture of a foreign institution and work with renowned faculty worldwide. Currently, I am undertaking a project in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), in which I learn firsthand about motivations and techniques in research. I even had the opportunity of traveling to a conference in Nanyang Technological University to present our team’s findings and hear about others’ discoveries. HKUST has a strong research environment, and the IRE program augments this experience for science students.

William YAM
Year 3, Physics (IRE) and Mathematics
  Chem is try. The IRE programme has provided me plenty of opportunity on trying out of what research is like and the freedom in exploring various fields ranging from computer simulations to drug design before deciding on settling on any of them. Being part of the IRE programme also grants me the experience on having overseas experienced and I am privileged to be part of a front-line research team in the US in the coming semester working on cutting-edge solar cell technologies. These valuable opportunities plays important role in paving the way to further studies. Being part of the IRE community is never lonely as you are going to meet many great minds that are always passionate about hard-core science and are more than happy to discuss about any topic anytime.

CHAK Man Him
YEAR 3, Chemistry (IRE)
Studying Environmental Science in HKUST has been immensely enjoyable because there is always plenty of learning resources. This programme does not only provide comprehensive education in exploring the relationship between human and environment, but also offer abundant opportunities for student to organize different environmental protection campaigns. Furthermore, field trips and laboratories courses equipped with observation and analytical skills. In addition, the School of Science encourages us to join various environmental protection-related study tours, training programmes, workshops. For career planning, students are welcomed to find consultation service, the career building course, CV and interview workshops.
I have no regret of studying in HKUST, which gives me abundant resources to learn.

CHAN Yik Kui
YEAR 3, Environmental Science

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Alumni Sharing
Apart from the fascinating campus setting, the HKUST undergraduate training has provided me with a strong science fundamental knowledge especially under the guidance of experienced scholars. It has equipped me with great analytical, organizational and problem solving skills. These skills are still applicable in my current design work as design is also a process to find the most optimal solution for environmental, technological and sociological problems.

Kinando HEUNG
Senior Landscape Architect (Head of the team)
BSc (Chemistry)

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  Thanks to the IRE programme, I met many faculty and researchers who are devoting in scientific research and let me see that pursuing a research career in Hong Kong is actually possible. I started working in research project in year 2, where I gained hands-on experience in doing literature review, designing, conducting and evaluating the experiments. The project makes me first taste the sense of satisfactory of doing research. In my overseas research internship, I worked as a full time researcher in an organic synthesis research group in Japan. Though the experimental techniques are similar, the research culture and approach are different. My classmates who are also passionate in science supports me to keep trying when there is bottleneck in my research project. The many research opportunities and supports built my confidence in being a researcher.

Ming Wai LIAW, Rachel
Class of 2018 graduate
BSc in Chemistry (IRE)
I have always been passionate in looking for creative solutions to solve different problems. Starting my business is like a science experiment - you identify a problem, construct a hypothesis and experiment with different possibilities. You must have perseverance to strive for the best solution!

Francis KWOK
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Radica Systems Limited
BSc (Physics)
  I have learned that every scientific theory is derived from logical reasoning and deduction. This has allowed me to easily understand the anatomy, physiological and nutritional impact the performance of horses. The great thing about science is not the theories, but the process of arriving at these theories. They can be applied to many subjects other than science, including business and law modules.

Sidney TAM
Management Trainee
Darley Flying Start
BSc (Biochemistry)
Coming to HKUST was the best choice I have ever made. The amazing faculties here are not only doing great sciences but also dedicated to nurturing the students. The tremendous opportunities for joining laboratories, UROP, independent study courses etc., allowed me to immerse myself in scientific research as early as a freshman. Professors, no matter in lectures or as mentors, are always very approachable and supportive and offered me invaluable guidance on my career path development. I always felt encouraged to step out my comfort zone and dare to try the impossible – this is how I became the first science student to graduate with double majors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Computer Science. I could never have done it in four years' time without their enormous support and encouragement. It was more than knowledge that I learnt from my undergraduate studies, my experiences in laboratories, interdisciplinary courses and exchange in Cornell University broadened my horizons, trained my logical thinking, and prepared me for a PhD study in Johns Hopkins Medical School – something I would never have imagined without HKUST. Besides, I love the diversity of student and faculty composition that HKUST always tried to keep – it is quite hard to foresee who I would have become if I had not been surrounded by friends from all over the world. I am so thankful that they made me an open-minded person and made my four-year so enjoyable.

Qingyang WANG
PhD study in Johns Hopkins Medical School
Class of 2018 graduate
BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (IRE)
BSc in Computer Science
  It is very fruitful! I have taken advantage of the many research opportunities offered by the IRE program. In the first two years, I was in Prof. Lortz’s research group doing experimental research on high-temperature superconductors. I continued my interest in this subject after I went for exchange at Columbia University and worked with a renowned theorist Prof. Andrew Millis on the novel superconductivity of FeSe. After returning to HKUST, I got a chance to join Prof. Vic Law’s research group and started to train myself to be a condensed matter theorist and get to know the field of topological superconductors. HKUST has given me plenty of training to be a serious researcher. I also met many friends who share similar ambitions and interests as I do. IRE has created an ideal environment for me to interact with brilliant students, PhDs, professors and even prominent researchers from foreign institutes.

Pok Man TAM, Harry
PhD study in University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2018 graduate
BSc in Physics (IRE)
HKUST Chemistry – where future world-class scientists are born!
I am so honored to be a member at HKUST Science. The Department of Chemistry provides unlimited opportunities and resources for us to unveil secrets in this universe and the professors have built a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere. Apart from consolidating theories in lectures, we were also trained to be professional in the fully equipped laboratories.
In one of the semesters, I was nominated as an exchange student to America by the School of Science. That was my first time to study overseas, to meet buddies from the other continents and to explore the natural beauty of the United States.
Another experience worth mentioning was my summer intern as a laboratory assistant in a local food company in Hong Kong. I was given a chance to handle advanced analytical instruments, which we can just see in the pictures in our lecture notes. After this real working experience, it confirms me to become an analytical chemist in the future.

Chun Kit AU, Samson
PhD study in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Class of 2018 graduate
BSc in Chemistry

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