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HKUST School of Science signed a MoU with Sinovation Ventures to establish a Computer Perception and Intelligent Control Lab, propelling AI research and application
25 March 2019
HKUST Scientists Discover How RNA Polymerase II Maintains Highly Accurate Gene Transcription with High-Performance Computing
21 March 2019
HKUST Researchers Discover More Than 7,000 New Microbial Species Enhancing Our Understanding of Ocean Biodiversity
11 March 2019
2019 HKUST Science Summer Camp : 1-3 August, 2019 (for S4 and S5 HKDSE students from local secondary schools)
1-3 August 2019
2019 Summer Research Program (for 2020 Postgraduate Admission)
8 July - 9 August 2019
Life Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
HKUST School of Science