Research Strengths and Projects
The research reputation of the School of Science is built upon the strengths of its faculty members, who are renowned experts in multiple fields of science working in world-class research facilities.
The brain is the most complex organ, comprising billions of neurons and glial cells. Neurons store and transmit information via synapses, and form neural circuits that change continuously throughout life.
Materials Chemistry
Materials chemistry provides the intellectual foundation to understand and develop new forms of matter with cutting-edge technology which brings a wide range of scientific and societal impacts. It is one of the major research focuses in the Department of Chemistry.
Scientific Computing and Data Science
Scientific computing involves the development of reliable, accurate and efficient computational algorithms. Data science stresses the development of tools designed to find trends within datasets.
Wave Functional Materials
Metamaterials and photonic crystals are designed structures with properties and material parameters that go beyond those given by natural or composite materials. They are used as a platform to study non-Hermitian and topological physics.
Ocean Science and Technology
OCES specializes research topics ranging from microbial and plankton ecology in the coastal waters of Hong Kong, marine biotechnology (bioactive compounds), marine molecular ecology, ocean circulation and biogeochemical cycling.
Research Units
The world-class research conducted in the School is supported by the work of our research units. Well-equipped with the latest technologies, these units enable our faculty to stay at the forefront of their fields.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
To foster an environment that encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research collaborations, the School has identified a number of areas where it can better leverage and integrate its strengths.
Knowledge Transfer
Throughout the years, the School of Science has built a culture of Knowledge Transfer to advance societal impact.