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The mission of the Department of Physics is captured by the triangle of teaching, research, and innovation.

Physics is the science that deals at the most fundamental level with matter and energy, their interactions, and their transformation. It presents major challenges to the human mind and provides the foundation for engineering and other sciences. By pursuing research at the frontier of knowledge and innovation at the cutting edge of technology, it is the ultimate purpose of the physics faculty to preserve and nurture a sense of wonder about the natural world, and to impart it to the students as a driving motivation for learning.

At a Glance
as of Sep 2020
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Department Administration
Penger TONG
Head and Chair Professor
(852) 2358 7506
Jiannong WANG
Associate Head and Chair Professor
(852) 2358 7497
Research Interests
  • Cold atoms, quantum optics and quantum information
  • Condensed matter physics
  • Condensed matter experiments and advanced materials
    Condensed matter theory, statistical and computational physics
  • Particle physics and cosmology
  • Soft matter and biophysics
  • Wave functional materials and physics
The Latest
24 September 2020
HKUST Researchers Developed the World's First Sound-transmitting Glass Material
5 June 2020
HKUST Research Team Successfully Discovers New Material Generation Mechanism for Chip Design, Quantum Computing and Noise Reduction