RPG Academic Requirements
The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees involve the completion of coursework in addition to the preparation of research theses. The coursework and thesis components provide students with both generalist knowledge of their subject discipline and mastery of their specialized research areas.
Program Specific Requirement

Students are expected to undertake coursework, attend research seminars, and conduct thesis research. Submission and successful defense of a thesis is required. All PhD students are also required to pass a qualifying examination within a stipulated period. The qualifying examination may be conducted through the oral or written mode, or both. Individual programs may have their own stipulations concerning the program specific requirements.

English Language Requirement

In order to ensure our research postgraduate students to meet the University’s English language standard, all new full-time research postgraduate students are required to take a spoken English test, the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA), before the start of their first term of study. The test provides a useful assessment on the spoken English ability of those students whose mother tongue or first language is not English. Students who failed to attain Level 4 in the test are required to take an English language course LANG 5000 Foundation in Listening and Speaking for Postgraduate Students to improve their spoken English.

Apart from the above requirements, all year one research postgraduate students in our School are also required to take another English language course LANG 5010 Postgraduate English for Science Studies to acquire necessary English skills on scientific writing and presentations. Please click here for more details.




Professional Development Course

To develop our research postgraduate students with all-round capabilities to enhance their personal growth and career development, all research postgraduate students are required to take two Professional Development Courses (PDCs) as part of their program requirements. The course is composed of a series of workshops and modules covers the following themes:

  • Professional Conduct 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Research Competency 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Self-Management 
  • Career Development 

Students are required to attend 3 hours training on Professional Conduct; and a minimum of 12 hours of elective activities/ workshops at the University level under the six designated themes.

Training for Graduate Teaching Assistants

The training aims to help prepare our research postgraduate students for teaching-related work they need to undertake. It helps students to expose to varied situations where they can acquire and improve transferable skills which will be useful to them in the long term. The range of skills involved includes time management, communication skills, group discussion techniques, techniques for conducting materials or information search, writing skills, critical thinking skills and organizational skills. The assignments are limited to 36 effective hours per month on average. Besides, all full-time research postgraduate students admitted in 2019/20 and thereafter are required to complete PDEV 6800 Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

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